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I had a dream of san Pedrooooo!!!!

I don't listen to chiptunes a lot, but this hits the sweet spot. Just what I needed on this dark and cold day :D

Great job, Luer!

Love that vibe man, love tht vibe!

Djjaner responds:

thanks :D

That finale was great,man, Space Disco!

xchurch173 responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it, that's my favorite part

Too fecking short!! you captured the flume sound very well, good job amigo!

Well, I listened to Cage - Movies for the blind a lot back in the day, and this reminds me of that album . You're not as vicious or angry as him, you're more passive aggressive or something, idk :)
The beat is pure awesome, and your vocal stylings fit very well,good flow.
Gotta check that zBz guy too!

ABRYZ responds:

thanks for the listen sir! plz do check out zBz!

I like it, but maybe you could fiddle with the attack of the harp a bit so it'll sound less 'plucky'. The melody is nice and airy, so maybe a slight decrease in tempo would work better too ?!?

Like CHSChaosWolf said, the title fits very well!

Scorylo responds:

I've done as you suggested and I took care of the harp attack; I've also slowed down the tempo, reuploading afterwards. Thanks for your suggestions.

I scouted you cause I really dig this. Things get a little freaky in the middle but I'm all for it. This track has soul, brother!

keineahnung responds:

Thanks so much! I appreciated it! get freaky get freaky!


Jgeenen responds:

Dankjewel beste neef van de wereld!

There's a lot of tuts on youtube that are great, look for the ones by Beats4Beets, they've helped me and still help me a lot, especially with the technical side of things. Also reading some musical theory never hurts to avoid the false notes. I'm no beethoven myself but with the help of the internet you can go a long way.

You obviously love the music so you'll get there!

Music is life!

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